How we help you with NAATI certified translation

Easy Peasy Japaneezy (EPJ) is a group of NAATI qualified translators providing quality translating services for individual clients and businesses. Our translators endeavour to deliver all translations with accuracy, validity, and cultural sensitivities to ensure your NAATI certified translation documents satisfy the industry standards and requirements of relevant authorities, such as the Department of Border Protection. Our NAATI certified translations can be submitted to the Australian Department of Border Protection, Centrelink and other government authorities. Our NAATI certified translations are also suitable for Visa applications to USA, UK and NZ.

Types of NAATI certified translations include:

·         Birth certificates

·         Marriage certificates

·         Driver licences

·         Medical records

·         Academic transcripts

·         Diplomas

·         Business registrations.

·         Court orders


We can also provide translations that do not require NAATI certification, including:

·         web advertisements

·         employee/customer surveys

·         product labels and manuals

·         personal letters

·         introductory letters

·         business contracts

·         business cards.

Our services benefit a wide range of industries, such as:

·         Online/video games,

·         Horse racing

·         Finance

·         Fashion and textile

·         Food and wine

·         Education

·         Entertainment

·         Medical

·         Alternative medicine

·         Tourism.

The process of ordering NAATI certified translation

We offer a range of prices, depending on the complexity of your document, recipient of translation and qualification level of NAATI translators. We offer one of the lowest prices for NAATI certified translations in the industry and a fast turnaround time.Simply send us a photocopy or scanned file of your original document and we will provide a quote, including estimated time of delivery. Should you wish, you can hide personal information whilst obtaining a quote.

Translations of 1 page certificates are typically delivered within 2-4 business days by PDF. Once we receive your approval, we will post hardcopies if requested.

Postage Handling Fee

15 per address by registered or express mail within Australia
(Ordinally mails are not recommended due to frequent delay and missing mails

AUD $120 International courier to AsiaTrackable, 1-2 business days to major cities
AUD $50 International express post to Asia  (Trackable
2-4 business days to major cities
AUD $30 International registered post
Non-trackablesignature on receipt3-9 business days
AUD $0 International air mail
 (Non-trackable3-9 business days

Please note that there are no mail service available during weekends and public holidays in Australia and destination countries.

10 per extra hard copy

Express NAATI Translating Services

The prices of express NAATI translating service varies, depending on the delivery duration. The availability of an express translating service is dependent on the demand for our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you provide the details of your NAATI number?
A. We do not disclose the details of our translator's qualifications prior to the completion of translation. The documents that require NAATI certification are guaranteed to be translated by our NAATI accredited translators. The translation will be endorsed by the translator's signature, declaration and NAATI stamp with accreditation number as described by the Department of Border Protection.

Q. When can I receive my hardcopies of NAATI certified translation?
A. We are unable to provide the exact date of mail delivery. Please look up your tracking number on the Australia Post website.

Q. Can I have a refund for translation if I am not happy with it?
A. We do not provide a refund once the draft translation is completed. However, we will make any necessary amendments to the completed translation at no extra cost if you are not completely happy. If you cancel the job during translation, we will provide a partial refund in proportion to the amount of job completed at the time of cancellation.

Terms and Conditions of NAATI Certified Translation

The Client may cancel the translation only if it provides notice of the cancellation, in writing, to EPJ by email. In order to receive a full refund, the cancellation notice must be reached before the translator starts working on the document.

It is the responsibility of the Client to check the translation provided by EPJ carefully and to approve or request changes before using the translation. EPJ is not liable for errors discovered after the Client’s approval is received.

EPJ is not liable for any damages or loss, directly or indirectly, caused by the translation provided, delay in translation or/and delay of postage.

Translation delivery dates are approximate. The Client will not be entitled to make any claim against EPJ for costs, damages, discounts or refunds due to a delay in translation for any reason whatsoever.

Privacy and Confidentialit

EPJ shall not disclose the confidential information obtained to anyone unless required to do so by law.

Enquiry for NAATI Certified Translation

Line  naati_japanese

Last update : 16/08/2019